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The slide projector lamps are generally used in the form of built-in-reflector to concentrate the luminance in a particular direction. Shop slide projector lamps from Red Finch Media and use them to display slides, microfilm or even movies.

Some of the reputable features which make our projector lamps the best in the market are their maximum lifespan, optimum lamp power, excellent light centre length and colour temperatures.

The filaments of the lamp are made of durable materials and boast excellent tensile strength that can heat up close to its melting point, that too without rapidly evaporating.

Slide Projector Lamps with Optimum Lamp Power

Our robust-engineered slide projector lamps offer the durability and safety that you want for all types of environments. The long-lasting slide projector lamps come with an impressive volt-output and are manufactured using pure glass.

The slide projector lamps are easy to mount and are sold just like advertised. The accurate colour of the lamp and its brightness is what make it stand apart. Shop slide projector lamps at the best price ever.