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USB 3.0 Type A to B 2m cable for Dell D3000, D3100 Dual video docking station

Compatible Brand: Dell

Application: Office/Comp/Printer/Network/PA



USB 3.0 male Type A to USB Type 3.0 B male cable.

  • Suitable for use with the Dell D3000 or D3100 dual video docking station, laptops etc. and external peripherals using the faster Super Speed USB 3.0.
  • Cable length 2m


USB 3.0 Type A to B 2m cable for Dell D3100 Dual video docking station is widely used for the application Office, Comp, Printer, Network and PA. The Dell Docking Station - USB 3.0 joins your laptop to up to three more monitors, different external devices and the Internet with a single cable.

It's an easy means to expand the capabilities of your moveable PC and modify your desktop computing setup. The sleek, compact dock unlocks boosted productivity and entertainment choices with high-speed connectivity and holds up for Ultra HD 4K displays. Planned for Ultra HD 4K resolution, the USB 3.0 universal docking station allows compatible PCs to show 4K resolution when joined.

The dock specifies three USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 connections, making sure compatibility with a huge collection of peripherals, which includes external hard drives, printers and scanners. Contact the team of Red Finch Media for more information.