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Switched Scart Plug to 3 RCA Phono sockets for LG TV Bluetooth Transmitter

Compatible Brand: LG

Application: Home Entertainment



Switched Scart adaptor featuring a Scart plug to 3 gold plated Phono socket (left/right audio and video). RCA sockets can be switched to be outputs or inputs. 




When used with Bluetooth transmitter accessory for wireless headphone applications, using the Phono audio output from this adapter allows wireless headphones volume to be controlled independently of the LG TV speaker controls. This is because the Scart audio output is available constantly and is independent of the TV volume setting.  


For applications requiring an audio output from a LG TV  without a headphone and phono audio outputs but having a Scart connector. 

For example: 
UF680V Series (e.g 55UF680V)