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Bluetooth Transmitter & headphone kit for use with TV Optical Digital Output

Compatible Brand: Red Finch Group

Application: Home Entertainment



Enjoy your Sony Bravia Television audio streaming through your Bluetooth wireless headphones.  By connecting this Bluetooth Transmitter to your digital optical output with the included fibre-optic cable, you can enjoy enjoy the TV's sound through your wireless headphones, speaker or soundbar. 

Not all TVs have Bluetooth built in, hence the value of a plug-in transmitter such as this. Not all TVs have a standard analogue audio output, hence the value of a Bluetooth Transmitter that attaches to the digital optical audio output. 
Another advantage of this optical Bluetooth transmitter is that the digital optical output of the TV can be operated in addition and independently of the TV speaker sound unlike the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket.
Note: This Bluetooth Transmitter can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth Receivers e.g. Gaming Chair Receivers and wireless headphones.
Charging or continuous power is provided via a +5V USB charging port. This can be by your TVs USB slot or nearby standard USB plug in wall charger.
Transmitter Package includes:
Bluetooth Transmitter Module
Toslink Fibre Optical digital cable 
USB Charging cable
Audio phono cable (Left, Right)
3.5mm Aux audio cable.
Instruction manual
Also included in this kit is a Bluetooth wireless headphone set (see image 2). 
These  wireless Bluetooth headphones will automatically Pair and Connect with your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, tablet and Bluetooth Transmitters etc. 
A built in microphone is included enabling user to answer calls "hands free". The device also has a built in tuner allowing users to listen to easily tunable FM radio stations.
Also includes Micro USD port (Micro SD not provided) for playing music straight from micro USD card. Padded ear cups for added comfort, the headphones are foldable for ease of transport.
Charging lead included which plugs into a standard +5V USB charger.
  • On ear headphones provide a comfortable fit
  • Wireless connectivity for added convenience
  • Compatible with most bluetooth devices
  • Bluetooth Working Distance 10m
  • Auxilary cable provided for a wired connection
  • Easy to use
Bluetooth headphone Package includes:
Bluetooth wireless headphones
Headphone charging cable
3.5mm Aux audio cable