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Bluetooth Transmitter for Brennan B2 or JB7 and wireless headphones & speakers

Compatible Brand: Brennan

Application: Wireless Listening



Enjoy  your Brennan B2 or JB7 CD Ripper with wireless Bluetooth speakers, headphones etc. by installing this Bluetooth Transmitter in your Brennan B2 or JB7. The transmitter inserts in the USB slot from where it is powered. The included 3.5mm audio cable inserts between the transmitter and the Line Out connection on the Brennan. The 2nd attached image shows a similar arrangement on another audio system.

With this Bluetooth transmitter your wireless headphones, earbuds  or Bluetooth speaker will automatically Pair and connect to your Brennan B2 or JB7 audio output.
Power is provided by your Brennan's USB slot.
Package includes:
Bluetooth Transmitter Module (USB connection) 
Audio cable (Left, Right)
3.5mm Aux audio cable.
Instruction manual