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Bluetooth adapter for T+A Caruso Speaker System Dock for ipod iphone

Compatible Brand: T+A

Application: Wireless Listening



Extend the life of your T+A Caruso Speaker Dock despite not being able to dock your new Apple phone.
Enjoy flexible Bluetooth wireless connectivity with your 30 pin T+A Caruso Speaker Dock.


Now using this Red Finch Media Bluetooth adapter you can continue to enjoy your speaker dock with the later Apple devices with the lightning connector and other models of smartphone with Bluetooth capability.

The Bluetooth adapter mounts onto the docking connector on the Caruso speaker and is powered via the pins on the docking connector. Hence no additional wires or cables are needed.

Note: This adapter has been tested on a T+A Caruso Speaker Dock. 

Note: This listing is for the Bluetooth adapter only and not the speaker shown in the attached images.