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Bluetooth adapter for Klipsch iGroove HG SXT Music System speaker dock Iphone

Compatible Brand: Klipsch

Application: Wireless Listening



Enjoy flexible Bluetooth wireless connectivity with your 30 pin Klipsch iGroove HG or SXT Music System speaker dock with the 30 pin Apple connector.

This adapter attaches to, and is powered by, the 30 pin connector on the Klipsch iGroove HG. With this adapter you can continue to enjoy your speaker dock with the later Apple devices with the lightning connector and other models of smartphone or tablets with Bluetooth capability. 
With this adapter, stream your Echo Dot through your Klipsch iGroove HG.  

Note: This adapter has been tested on both a fully working Klipsch iGroove HG and SXT Music System loudspeaker dock.
Note: This item is the Bluetooth adapter only and does not include the speaker in the picture.

This Bluetooth adapter for the Klipsch iGroove HG SXT will connect to a wide variety of moble devices such as iPhone, smartphone, laptops, tablets etc. with Bluetooth audio capability. The easy plug-and-play setup makes it simple to use and easy to connect, pair and play your music stored on your mobile devices on the Klipsh iGroove HG oe SXT iPod speakers.

There are many issues with compatibility between specific docking stations and Bluetooth adapters, but don't worry - we have comprehensive information in the compatibility tab which includes an alternative adapter/receiver should you have adocking speaker different to the Klipsch iGroove HG SXT.

If you are interested in buying a Bluetooth adapter for the Klipsch iGroove HG SXT Music System speaker dock, you can go for it online! The price of the product is just affordable for everyone.